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Service Contract

1. In agreeing to proceed with the inspection of the subject property, I/we have carefully read, understood, and accepted this Contract, as well as the section entitled "SCOPE OF INSPECTION".

2. I/we have been afforded advance notification to review this contract before agreeing to authorize Safeguard Inspectors LLC to proceed with this inspection. Notification methods include one or more of the following: this contract was forwarded to me/us either in e-mail or FAX format; the contract was mailed to me/us; I/we have been advised that this contract was available for me/us to review at the web site of Safeguard Inspectors LLC (; advertising media indicated services provided would be conducted under contract and the described the means of reviewing the contract.

3. The inspection of the subject property is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

a) The inspection by Safeguard Inspectors LLC will be performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

b) The inspection will be attended by and will be under the direction of a Registered Home Inspector with membership in the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

c) A report will be provided at the conclusion of the inspection. This Report will be based on a limited visual inspection of the readily accessible aspects of the building. The Report is representative of the Inspector's opinion of the observable conditions on the day and time of inspection.

d) This inspection does not constitute an engineering evaluation and is not provided as either an engineering or architectural service.

e) The Inspection Report reflects the present condition of the subject property at the time of inspection.

f) This Report does not imply or constitute a guarantee, warranty, or an insurance policy with regards to this property.

4. I/we agree to pay the fee specified in the "Receipt" section of this Report.

5. I/we acknowledge that the inspection was scheduled to commence on the date previously agreed upon.

Scope of Inspection


This inspection is a visual inspection only of readily accessible aspects of the property. A home inspection does not include identifying defects that are hidden behind walls, floors, or ceilings. This includes structure, wiring, plumbing, ducting, and insulation that are hidden or inaccessible. The inspector will not conduct any invasive or destructive testing of the property. Safety, accessibility, or other considerations may present the inspector with restrictions in examining specific home elements or components.


The home inspection will provide you with a basic overview of the condition of the property. This inspection is not technically exhaustive or all encompassing, as your inspector has only a limited amount of time, as well as constraints in methodology, to complete the inspection. The inspector is a generalist, not a specialist in all disciplines, and may refer the home owner to specialists for further investigation of certain items.


This inspection should also be considered in the context of a "snapshot in time", reflecting the conditions of the home at the date of inspection. Future performance of components and elements of the home is outside the context of this inspection. For example, your inspector may not discover leaks that occur only under certain weather conditions. Some conditions noted, such as cracks in foundations, may be either cosmetic in nature or indicators of settlement; however predicting whether an individual condition will present future problems is beyond the scope of the inspection.


Jurisdiction for Building Code, Electrical Code, Gas Code, Fire Code, Plumbing Code, or other statutory or by-law compliance inspections resides with the appropriate mandated authorities. The services provided by your home inspector are not conducted in the context of Code or By-Law compliance inspections. The client acknowledges that it may be necessary to confer directly with the appropriate authorities to determine whether specific conditions comply with Code or By-Law requirements.

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This inspection will not assess for environmental or air quality concerns. The scope on inspection does not include examination for hazardous materials that may be on the property, in or behind surfaces, or are constituent to building materials. The inspection does not include determination for irritants, pollutants, toxic materials, or contaminants; presence of mold, spores, or fungus; asbestos, radon gas, or carcinogens; etc. As well, the inspection does not include the determination of presence of insect, bird, rodent, or other infestations.

By signing below, I/we acknowledge that we have reviewed, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions and the SCOPE OF INSPECTION described above. I/we also understand that legal liability of the Inspector and the Inspection Company for damages arising from action or inaction, however caused, is limited in amount to the fee paid for this inspection.

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